Our main facility includes:

Coiled roll chopper line. This production line can straighten the coiled stainless steel material and chop to custom tailor separate flat pieces.

Metal pre-treatment production line, mainly for hot water rinsing, pre-degreasing, degreasing, passivation, pure water rinsing etc.

Auto-oil spraying production line, manual oil spraying equipment and tunnel constant temperature oven included.

Laser marking production line. Equiped with the most advanced Rofin Laser marking machine, this system has a characteristic of high precision, fast speed and low cost.

Screen printing production line including precision digital screen printing machine, screen exposure, roller coater and precision hot-air oven.

Exposure production line.

Developing production line.

Etching production line. Grand precision etching produciton line with swaying spray etcher can etching cuprum, iron, stainless steel, aluminum etc. metal. Products include all kinds of metal electronic parts, TV shadow masks, scutcheon, Washers, shims, and gaskets etc.

Auto ultrasonic rinsing and drying production line.

Other equipments including packing equip.,measuring equip., environmental equip., experimental equip., overweight transportation, dynamic equip., etc.