Decorative etching includes a broad spectrum of applications: ornaments, collectibles, incentives, bookmarks, jewelry, commemoratives, signage, advertising specialties, emblems, and insignia.

Photochemical etching is a versatile solution for many decorative projects.  By using "double process" methods, very intricate and detailed surface features can be etched on one or both sides of the sheet and then the "through" features such as the part profile and other effects can be photo etched.

The use of half-etched folding lines allows the parts to be readily formed into a variety of shapes.


Our product is custom-designed. Many decorative products are photo etched in brass or copper, although stainless steel, aluminum and bronze are easily etched as well.


Screen printing allows for the addition of striking colors adding to the perceived value of the finished item. And, as always, gold-cord, colored ribbon, literature describing the significance of the design, gift boxes in a variety of color, and display stands are also available.