Many manufactured and imported components need branding or marking in the form of logos, serial numbers, product codes or user instructions and warnings. EU compliant components need CE marking and many components need traceability. Using a laser to mark this information gives a permanent, aesthetic and non-damaging solution. Parts can be directly marked and this can be useful where labels must be avoided. Almost all sectors of industry already benefit from laser technology and laser marked components are all around us. Examples are: car dashboard buttons and VIN plates, mobile phone pads, computer keyboards, cooker knobs, electricity meter fascias, medical implants, bathroom fittings and ipods as well as all manner of turned and machined components that make up assemblies for industrial use.

The precise, repeatable nature of lasers allow the fine detail marking required on smaller components and the accurate removal of coatings. Whilst our lasers are primarily used for marking and etching other applications include laser cleaning and laser de-burring.

The laser beam width can be focused to less than 30 microns and it can be repeatably positioned to the same magnitude.

LongFai has rotary axes and X/Y tables so that cylindrical components and parts larger than the standard marking field can be processed. A range of flat field lenses gives marking areas from 100mm diameter up 300mm diameter.